Layton Manufacturing has been building Equipment for the Construction Industry since 1960. Our longevity is due, in large part, to our innovative products and emphasis on providing  superior customer service. Since 1997 we have been successfully applying those same principles to the Manufactured Home Moving/Setup Industry with our REMOTE-TRAX® product line.

Watch as the REMOTE TRAX Precisely Maneuvers

a Manufactured Home Around Some Rough Terrain

I had no idea what I was about to experience.  What the crew accomplished was nothing short of miraculous.  The home was initially pulled by a Volvo truck, and then pushed into position using the remote-control crawler the REMOTE TRAX.


As you watch this video you will see the REMOTE TRAX and if you look closely, you will see one of the crew members holding the remote-control unit.  The Layton Manufacturers REMOTE TRAX is a Remote control Mobile Home mover.

Serving the Manufactured Home Moving

and Setup Industry Since 1997

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Remote Trax combines maneuverability, power and ease-of-use for any job.

Watch videos as the Remote Trax maneuvers around difficult obstacles and dangerous terrain.


Download the complete manuals for the Remote Trax RT-75 Owners Manual and Remote Trax II & Remote Trax III Manual.


Leasing is available for the Remote Trax and its accessories.

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